Girl Code

A software adventure for women

Work as a team to create a website

At Girl Code, beginners work together to build a web application. We meet on Thurday nights for eight weeks.

Our next course is open to any women aged 15 or over.

We teach the same tools used by top employers like TradeMe, Spark and Air New Zealand. You'll discover what coders really do all day and what it's like to work in tech.

You don't need any previous experience – we start with the basics and our mentors help every step of the way.

Build an app like this!

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Why learn to code?

Do you like making things?

At companies like TradeMe and Spark, coders build websites and apps that people use every day. There are heaps of jobs around New Zealand and the whole world. These employers need keen, creative people to give coding a chance.

Working with software means…

Flexible hours

1 in 3 tech workers can sleep in whenever they want!

Social workplace

Almost all coders work together in teams

$50,000 salary

for software engineers straight out of uni

But will I enjoy coding?

Girl Code lets you try a real tech project before you go to university. Find out if software is a match for you, so you can make the right choice about your future.

If you fall in love with code, you have a great career ahead of you. But even if you don't, the coding skills you learn at Girl Code will be useful in your design, business and creative pursuits.

Anyone can learn to code

We start from the basics. You don't need any coding experience – you just need to be ready to try new things.

With our mentors and your team there to support you, we make it fun and easy to learn to code.

Course Info


Our next course runs for 8 weeks, from to .

We meet on Thursday nights from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

The cost is for the entire 16-hour course.


We meet at GridAKL / Lysaght, a startup hub that is home to over 160 entrepreneurs in Wynyard Quarter, downtown Auckland.

GridAKL in an office

The GridAKL office


By the end of the course, you will:

  • Create a website using HTML and CSS
  • Add interaction with JavaScript
  • Let users post content with Node.js
  • Work together using GitHub
  • Organise your team with Agile and Scrum
  • Publish your site with Heroku

Who runs Girl Code?

Alice's face


Alice Gatland studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Auckland. She is currently in New York, and was previously a radio producer and host at 95bFM in Auckland.

Alice is passionate about helping more women get into technology careers. She has taught programming at dozens of events for Auckland Libraries, Gather Workshops, and OMGTech.

Listen to Alice talk about Girl Code on bFM:

Greta's face


Greta Gotlieb studied Graphic Design at AUT, she has worked in print and web ever since and has been self-employed for the last 5+ years.

Greta mainly works in software and not-for-profits. Her favourite parts of web design is problem-solving, creativity, lifestyle and the people.

Matthew's face


Matthew Gatland studied Software Engineering at the University of Auckland. He is a video game developer and was previously a senior software engineer at Orion Health.

Matthew has spent many years in the tech industry and knows about the opportunities and challenges of the field.

He has given career talks and run workshops at more than 20 schools, and designed beginner programming activities for many organisations including OMGTech.

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